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Quality Control

Supply ZERO DEFECT products to all our customers and supply products that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

GH Precision is ISO 9001-(2000) certified. ISO 9001-(2000) is a family of standards for quality assurance in management systems and is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. As to GH Precision Products, we like to:

  • Set procedures that cover all key processes in the business;
  • Monitor manufacturing processes to ensure they are producing quality products;
  • Keep proper records;
  • Check outgoing products for defects, with appropriate corrective action where necessary; and
  • Regularly reviewing individual processes and the quality system itself for effectiveness.
  • Facilitate continual improvement
  • Online S.P.C. capable

Our quality lab is equipped with Mitutoyo Optical Comparator, Mahr Federal Dimensionair Gauges, Mahr Federal Pocket Surf surface finish tester, height gauges, micrometers and calipers.